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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Project 365

Am consider Starting A Photography Project365 In The New Year, in which starts today. But, what is a Project365? While people can take many forms depending on your hobbies, for photography’s sake it’s the simple act of taking a picture every day for a year. Many people will then post the photos on their blog, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums or just send them to friends. The format of presenting is not the important part of the project, although it can become a very useful way to keep committed to the project.

according to, the reason why people want to do 365 project is because:
1. Improve your photography skills
2. Capture otherwise forgotten moments in your life
3. Easier than writing a diary or blog
4. Only takes a few minutes each day
5. Facebook App to make sharing easy

But for me, i might using my DSLR camera, or even my Blackberry or my Nokia phone, depends on the situation, since i have not much time to go out everyday to shot. only find a slim chance everyday for my main project. But hopefully, i can bring my camera everywhere everyday all year long.

oh well, i will post the project 365 in my facebook page HERE. so, i will make sure i will update it everyday. Wish me luck.

HAPPY NEW YEAR reader....!!!

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